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In the tradition of 5th-Grade productions everywhere, School Play works best when it involves the whole community. We’ve gathered a continuous selection of thoughts (both big and small) below.

Stenhouse - America's finest producers of professional resources for teachers - has just released a wonderful professional development package, based around SCHOOL PLAY. Thanks, Phillipa! Thanks, Annie Ward!

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Rick and I recently had the opportunity to make a short film called BOATLIFT for the national 9/11 ten year anniversary event, in Washington. Tom Hanks narrated this remarkable untold story, and it's since gone viral. Over 3.5 million people have watched on YouTube and  schools and corporations around the world are currently using the film as a lesson both about 9/11 and about resilience. (If you want to check it out in HD, click here.)



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"The current rage in education is STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. But creative types are working valiantly to turn STEM into STEAM – with the A standing for the arts. At the Boston Arts Academy, for instance, the arts are infused in every subject. While creative pursuits are often the first to go when budgets are cut, this high school continues to innovate as it engages students through the arts."

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