About the Filmmakers

Rick Velleu – Co-Director, Producer

Rick Velleu works in both documentary film and children's television. After a fifteen-year run with THE JIM HENSON COMPANY and SESAME WORKSHOP, Rick co-created the hit show, DORA THE EXPLORER for NICKELODEON (fun fact: Rick designed the character of Dora.) In the non-fiction world, Rick's directed many documentaries, including several with Eddie Rosenstein, such as REALITY PEOPLE for AMC and the EMMY-nominated CALLED TO ACTION. He is currently developing a new film based on the book, $20 PER GALLON.

Eddie Rosenstein – Co-Director, Producer

Winner of dozens of awards for his documentary films, Eddie is known for digging deep into his subjects lives: he moved into a senior citizen center in Florida while making A TICKLE IN THE HEART. He spent months at a drug rehab in Harlem for THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MR ALLEN. He even became a union miner in order to produce the HISTORY Channel docu-series, SANDHOGS. Eddie loves to make films about kids, and has made several including SCHOOL PLAY and MISS SHADE IS MISSING. As for theater, his interest in the subject came from his close friend and writing partner, Jonathan Larson, who wrote RENT. (Fun fact: the character Mark Cohen in RENT is based on Eddie.) 

Tom Griffin – Editor

Tom Griffin has edited three films with Rick and Eddie: SCHOOL PLAY, MS. SHADE IS MISSING and SANDHOGS: THE GREATEST TUNNEL EVER BUILT. All three films have gone on to win multiple film festival awards (both audience awards and jury prizes). Tom was even named "Best Editor" by Rhode Island Film Festival for his work on SCHOOL PLAY. Other work includes HOMEWRECKER, which won the NEXT award at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, and the upcoming feature BLOOM CITY.

Bruce McDaniel – Original Music

Bruce misspent his formative years as a member of NYC’s punk/glam pioneers the SIC F*CKS, a band who, despite the inability to have their name said on the radio, parlayed their comedy-punk spectacle into a feature in Playboy Magazine and movie appearances, including 1982's ALONE AFTER DARK. Bruce is currently the leader of power pop group NINE MEN'S MORRIS, as well as the singer/guitarist for the ED PALERMO BIG BAND, whose 2009 CD EDDY LOVES FRANK (which he produced) spent 10 weeks in the CMJ Jazz chart’s top 20, peaking at #5.

About Eyepop Productions

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